Infant Care (6+ Weeks)

Experience nurturing care in a warm, secure environment. Loving teachers care for your child and guide them toward developmental milestones.

We keep them safe, secure, and happy.

The infant care program features our exclusive, milestone­focused approach, Learn from the Start™.

This curriculum was developed by our educational experts to focus on the key developmental milestones specific to infants and toddlers.

We emphasize your child's development, rather than specific age, because all children grow and learn at their own pace, and in their own unique way. Learning experiences are designed to address the individual needs and abilities of each child, in each classroom.

Warm and Caring Teachers in a Safe, Stimulating Environment

Our teachers and classroom spaces encourage infant exploration with stimulation that promotes cognitive, physical, social-emotional and language development. Our teachers are passionate about child care and about providing opportunities for your baby's advancement and growth. So between the cooing and cuddling, our teachers delight in your baby's every new step and provide endless opportunities for development and discovery. In our infant classroom you can be certain you will find:

  • Teachers reading books. Reading together helps your infant develop a love and familiarity with books. Reading aloud also helps your child's vocabulary grow as she has many chances to hear new words and sounds.
  • An environment with quality educational materials and learning experiences that evoke and satisfy your baby's natural curiosity. Our teachers implement learning activities based on your child's developmental stage and interests.
  • A schedule that is flexible to allow for your child's individual needs while ensuring that your infant has the opportunity to experience a wide variety of activities and stimulation throughout the day.

What Our Parents Love About Our Infant Classrooms

Gathered from the Parents of our Infant Classrooms, May, 2018

*The Staff! The staff is friendly, inviting and engaged with children during pick-up and drop-off times.

*The Physical Space. There is plenty of room for exploration, full with educational toys and sensory-based homemade toys.

*Art! The infants are always busy making customized artworks. Our parents love the holiday-based art we display and send home with students!

*Clean! The classroom is very well-kept and visibly clean.

*Interaction! The teachers with the infants, but encourage the infants to interact with one another!

*Photographs! The parents love seeing the photos of children inside, outside and on their PreciouStatus application.

Learn From The Start Curriculum

A research-based developmental program developed specifically for our Infants and Young Learners. Unlike other programs, Learn from the Start focuses on key developmental milestones rather than chronological age. In doing so, unique experiences and lessons are designed around your child's needs and emerging skills. Each individual and small group experience will stimulate and expose learning concepts in a fun and engaging way.

Your child's teacher will be using specifically designed materials to teach, observe and record your child's learning. Teachers will choose weekly activities that build on emerging skills and introduce new concepts.

Other special features of this exciting program include: - Introduction to basic sign language to give children nonverbal communication tools. - Specially designed classroom areas for focus on language, movement and sensory development: Exploration Area, Movement Area, Cozy Area, Diapering and Meal Time. - Progress monitoring and reporting so you are always up-to-date on how your child is learning and growing with us!

From rocking and thoughtful interaction, to naptime, singing or a reading of "Goodnight Moon," Tutor Time teachers provide just what your baby needs, all in a safe, clean and healthy environment. And it's just the beginning of our Tutor Time® LifeSmart™ curriculum.

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Meet Our Staff

Ms Deirdre

Lead Infant Teacher Grape Classroom

"Ms Deirdre is an exceptional experienced Infant Teacher. Her knowledge and personality is what makes her very busy classroom a successful program."

Ms Stephanie

Assistant Teacher Infant Grape Room

"Ms Stephanie is a wonderful addition to our Grape classroom. Her smile is warm and inviting and the babies love their time with her. "