Handwriting Without Tears

The Handwriting Without Tears program is an excellent opportunity to develop our students’ early writing skills in our Pre-Kindergarten classrooms. Handwriting Without Tears correlates with the values of our LifeSmart curriculum, believing that all children are smart, and learn in their own way.

In preparing our students for their future in academics, Handwriting Without Tears introduces writing in an age-appropriate sequence. Students develop their hand muscles as well as their dexterity through the process of introducing skills sequentially. The program offers a multi-sensory approach to creating letters-out of play-dough, chalk, and blocks! It also incorporates songs during lessons, prompting student interactions and language use.

We are so excited to implement Handwriting Without Tears and can’t wait to see the progress students make through the course of this school year!

Please check out their website at "Handwriting Without Tears".